Well, it was fun while it lasted.

The 2017 Mormon Miracle Pageant has finished. Please check back next year.

  1. One online application is required to be submitted for each participant (including infants). Please do not submit one online application for an entire family.
  2. Time Commitment: May 30-June 24, 2017 excluding Sundays and Mondays
  3. Performances: June 15-17 and 20-24, 2017 begin at 9:30 p.m. with 7:30 p.m. MANDATORY devotionals.
  4. You must attend ALL rehearsals, devotionals, and performances.
  5. Cast Photos: You must submit a current, well-lit photo of yourself during the sign up process to be in the Pageant.
  6. Lodging: If you are from out of town and unable to drive to rehearsals and performances because of distance, you must obtain your own board and housing during your time in Manti for the Pageant.
  7. Age: You must be 12+ years of age or entering the 7th grade this fall to be in the Pageant without an adult. If you are under the age of 12, your parents or a guardian over the age of 18 must be in the Pageant with you.
  8. Young Children: Be aware that nights can be late, cool and occasionally wet, so this may not be the spiritual experience you expect for young children.
  9. Physical Limitations: You must be able to move very quickly up and down stairs, ramps, and on steep grassy hillsides. No eyeglasses may be worn during performances.
  10. Bishop's Approval: Everyone who is in the Pageant must have an Bishop's Approval from their Bishop or Branch President certifying that you uphold Church standards and are worthy to be in the Pageant. If you are not a member of the LDS Church you should be interviewed by an LDS bishop or branch president.

Welcome!! We’re glad to have you and hope that you will find this to be one of your greatest experiences in life, and feel the blessings of being part of Lord’s wonderful work.

Since you are new to the pageant, we have created a list of some things and ideas that hopefully will help with your time and experience while here.

  1. First, it would be good to look over the list of scenes that are in the pageant (especially, if you have not seen it before). It will help you as you look at the different parts and practice schedules, to try and figure out what you would like to be or do in the cast.

  2. Don’t try and be in too many parts, simple is better. It can be very stressful trying to make costume changes back stage to make it to the next scene.

    Lead parts have to audition and are cast by the directors. When auditioning you do not need to have the lines memorized, they are looking for natural movements and expressions. Also, many of the leads are often cast by body type similarities (so they both/all look the same). Most lead parts are double cast, and if you are chosen for one of these parts, you will likely be that lead character every other night. Some of the leads are required to do it every night. If you are not required to play the lead role every night, you do have the option to be in groups scenes the off nights: Christ in America scene or the pioneer scenes.

  3. If you are coming from out of town/area, and with other family members or friends, we would recommend participating in the same scenes. That way your schedules will be the same and you are not waiting around for extra hours, waiting for someone else to finish their practice/scene.

    You are required to be to your scheduled practices. It takes a lot of work for the directors to put a cast of over 900 people in their proper places with the right timing to be sure people are where they need to be and on cue. These efforts make it a beautiful performance. Please be respectful of these times.

  4. Children - They are needed in this wonderful pageant too. Those under the age of 12 must be with a parent in the pageant. Young children touch hearts like no others can. Planning ahead can help parents and children have a wonderful experience together. Parents, please talk with your children about what is taking place and about the rules and conduct we should have in our church and especially once we are on the sacred grounds of the temple hill! They are most sacred and we should treat the grounds just as we do the temple itself.

    Children are really needed in the pioneer scenes and Christ in America scene. They make such an impact with the audience in those scenes. In these scenes you can also be in them every other night if you prefer. Sometimes this helps with those little one's schedules.

    Talk to your children while you are in the scenes to help them get into their part, such as “Let’s go listen to what the prophet is saying.” Or “The ground is shaking so badly, hold on to me tight.” Or “Oh, look there is the Jesus”. It is surprising how much things like this really help them see and feel what is going on.

    Also, you can bring snacks and water bottles to help with those empty tummy troubles.

  5. Make sure you download a copy of all the schedules and check them out throughly to be sure you understand when and where you need to be.

  6. Rehearsals - Most are every day at different times between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Some of the dancers, and angels are at different times of the day. Make sure you download the schedule(s) you need.

    The Friday and Saturday before opening night are the longest rehearsals. We run through the entire show beginning at 5 p.m. and ending around 8:30 p.m. Then on the Friday, those in the first half of the pageant will get into their costumes for the first half run through with lights. This usually starts at around 9:30 or so. In between 8:30 and 9:30 the pageant provides a simple meal of a sandwich, chips, a cookie/desert, and water for all those that need to stay for the first half run through. Then on Saturday it is the same except, the later rehearsal is for the second half of the pageant run through (starting with Christ in America scene). Again there is the simple meal for those who need to stay.

    Some years (not all) we have a photographer that will come and take pictures for the pageant promotional advertisements and pageant history purposes.

  7. IMPORTANT: Everyone needs an identity badge to be allowed onto the temple grounds for the dress rehearsals and performance nights. Photos are taken for the badges and you must come at the scheduled times, or you will not receive a badge. Pay attention to announcements during rehearsals of when and where ID photos are being taken. NO pictures will be taken after these scheduled times.

  8. Leads will have a makeup schedule. You must be present at your designated times.

  9. Parking on temple hill: Cast parking is in the North parking lot of the temple. The costume/makeup building is at the top of the hill. For those with that have health problems etc., there will be carts available to ride to the top of the hill.

  10. There is a cast devotional each night before the performance (and the last dress rehearsal night) at 7:30 p.m. on the East side of the costume building. We would like everyone to be dressed and ready to go. Please don’t come later than the devotional. There is usually a guest speaker each night. The devotional usually lasts around 30 minutes. The devotional helps to set the tone and spirit for each nights performances. The spirit we feel projects to the audience.

  11. After the cast devotional, all cast members are invited to visit with the audience members and engage in missionary work. Children under 12 must remain with their parents during this time. At 9:10 p.m there will be a call for the cast to go to their places. Make sure you get back on time. NO cast members in costume are allowed off the temple grounds (that includes the streets). Those who do so will be asked to leave.

  12. If you have any questions please ask someone, the directors, other cast members, or the pageant presidency.

  13. If you have other ideas/information please let one of the pageant presidency know.

Again, thank you for your interest in helping with the pageant, but most of all “Inviting all to come unto Christ”!!!